PNY, Tech Data and IMSCAD partner to launch VDI Consulting Services across EMEA for customers of NVIDIA GRID™ vGPU technology.

London, UK, January 13th 2020

PNY and TechData global distributors of high performance computing hardware and data centre virtualization software, have partnered with IMSCAD Global, specialist in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) projects, to offer VDI Consulting Services (VCS) through their channel partners in the EMEA regions to customers planning/deploying VDI. This new line of consulting service business will help simplify VDI projects and reduce risk for customers deploying virtual desktops with graphical applications, such as CAD/CAE modelling/rendering software and 3D animation/design software, using NVIDIA GRID vGPU technology.

PNY and TechData have partnered with IMSCAD Global to support resellers and their customers with specialist consulting services for delivering NVIDIA GRID™ vGPU-based virtual desktop deployments. This new line of consulting service business will be jointly developed by PNY and TechData across the EMEA regions.

The partnership aims to reduce risk and to save time and money for customers, to whom VDI deployment has been historically complex and challenging for achieving local-workstation-like performance and a cost-performance balance. Thanks to the VDI Consulting Services (VCS), enterprise IT teams can now avoid the challenges associated with migrating graphical applications to a server-based virtualization platform with Citrix or VMware.

The benefits of a successfully deployed VDI infrastructure include real performance for designers and engineers from remote devices, flexible work styles for demanding professionals, and improved collaboration through anywhere, anytime access to their applications. In addition, with their expertise in server infrastructure hardware, NVIDIA GPU technology and virtualization, the three partnering companies aim to help customers realise the ease of centralising customers’ data management and security, computing hardware resources, and creating Private Cloud, on premise, by eliminating the need to deal with often complicated licensing agreements with ISV’s.

Customer Benefits


IMSCAD are a specialist company offering an essential service wrap for Private Clouds, our key business activity is the delivery and support of graphical applications virtualised on the Citrix, VMware and Microsoft platforms. Our aim is to maintain our position as the global technology leaders in graphical application deployment and to become the de facto support partner for enterprise clients when adopting these types of solutions. To this end our focus shall be on profitable growth, continued innovation and a commitment to maintain excellence of quality in all our activities.

Our team’s experience and knowledge of deploying and supporting both 2&3D CAD users in virtual environments is second to none.

IMSCAD Global is headquartered in the UK with offices in London, New York and Phoenix.


PNY Technologies EMEAI, provider of leading-edge HPC / AI / VDI / Professional Graphics products, has been delivering tailored solutions for a broad range of industries and applications, including but not limited to: Automotive, AIoT, Banking & Finance, Bioinformatics, CAD/CAE, Embedded IoT, Gaming, Cloud & Data Center Storage, High-Speed Networking, Intelligent Surveillance and Medical, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Scientific Research, and more. PNY offers an one-stop-shop experience to customers who seek to simplify the process of sourcing for their varied project scopes. To further ensure Quality of Service and non-interrupted operation for our customers, PNY delivers Next-Business-Day onsite maintenance and Advanced RMA services across the EMEA regions.

With over 30 years of experience in graphics applications and GPU technology, PNY has a close relation with NVIDIA worldwide to enable market access to the latest GPU technology. PNY EMEAI is headquartered in Bordeaux, France. For more information see www.pny.eu.

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