Services Testing

Certification and compatibility testing for application’s, addons and plugins.

Citrix certification, product compatibility, scalability & performance testing.

Services Testing

The inherent problems historically associated with CAD virtualisation mean that customers understandably require a guarantee of product compatibility as well as performance. Citrix provide details of products supported on their platform through their Citrix Ready certification program. The very nature of CAD users brings a varied mix of app’s and addons. It is the ability of these to work seamlessly together that ultimately determines the success of a deployment. To achieve this it is essential to correctly specify the server and GPU and to ensure the required scalability and the compatibility with the unique mix of app’s and addons.

We have testing lab’s manned by experts who are at the forefront of technology and industry developments. Our lab’s are provisioned with a range of servers from the leading manufacturers and fitted with the latest components from the key industry developers.

To date we have provided testing services for a variety of software vendors, most notably and extensively Autodesk, our services included the Citrix certification testing for the Suites.

Our testing services for hardware suppliers have including solution compatibility testing for Dell. We have also worked closely with nvidia for some time, providing scalability testing for Autodesk applications with their VGX cards.

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