Home Working Solutions and Graphical Applications

Remote and Home Working for Graphical Applications is practical and cost effective Get the benefits of virtualising graphical applications for remote and home working Workstation comparable performance over the WAN.

Home Working

Traditionally, users utilising graphical applications, have been excluded from corporate IT virtualisation strategies, meaning they have not been able to be productive working remotely due to the perceived performance issues, associated with virtualising such resource hungry applications.

This has and is changing - improvements in virtualisation software, coupled with the specialist optimisation and customisation skills developed by IMSCAD’s highly skilled engineering team, means workstation comparable performance for users utilising Graphical Applications is now a reality for users working remotely at home or anywhere.

Robust Remote Working solutions for graphics users and other power users are not just possible, they are practical and cost effective. By centralising resources at the server(s) or Data Centre they become available to users on demand. Utilisation of resources is therefore vastly improved and leads to a significant reduction in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and measurable improvements in Return on Investment (ROI).

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